Police decides to tame ‘Most Unsafe Drivers’ in this Metro

The Delhi Traffic Police is switching gears on how to deal with road accidents in the city, with a list of “most unsafe drivers” — 100 habitual offenders who will be issued a warning for imperilling their own and other commuters’ lives by violating traffic rules.

In a first of its kind exercise, Delhi Traffic Police is compiling a list of repeat offenders who have been fined multiple times but keep breaking traffic rules regardless. The goal is to create a more concrete structure to make people aware of road safety, Special Commissioner of Police Muktesh Chander (Traffic) told Indian Express.

The list of 100 “most unsafe drivers” will help the Traffic Police to identify and keep track of habitual offenders, much as criminals with a record of murder and other heinous crimes are tagged as history-sheeters, explained Special Commissioner Chander.

The process to create this list of traffic offenders is currently underway. Police are tapping into the e-challans database to round up people who have the maximum number of cases in red-light jumping, speeding, rash driving and accidents.

“Once we have 100 names, we will start sending them notices at their residence,” said the police.

With a focus on correction, police will ask the offenders on the list to join road safety classes. In case people don’t show up or continue to break traffic norms, action will be taken against them.

“We will tell them that their driving is dangerous for pedestrians and for themselves. It will be a request for cooperation but we can also exercise our right to report to transport authorities. their licence can be suspended or cancelled,” said Special Commissioner Chander.

India accounts for the highest number of road accidents globally, with 415 deaths reported per day, according to a World Bank report. At 1,189 deaths, Delhi recorded the highest casualties in road accidents in 2020. Police said road traffic accidents have increased by 15 per cent this year.’

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